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Pick up orders by the customers:

We will have your order ready in the minimum time possible, based on the order size.

Pick up orders by trucking company arranged by the customers:

The order will be checked and properly wrapped on high pallets, to minimize quantity of pallets used, in order to avoid extra cost and lower the freight cost.


In greater Los Angeles, (California, USA) your merchandise will be delivered to your store or your container within 1-3 days free of charge (if your order meets the minimum pallet amount -2 Pallets).

International Customer's payment methods could be done using a credit card or a Wire Transfer. Credit cards require a photocopy of their credit card, driver's license or passport. International orders may be subjected to the same charges plus country charges. You are responsible to know your own countries limitations.

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Founded in 1994, Pacific Group USA started by importing and distributing plastic bags from China. Today the company continues to import and distribute plastic bags and in recent years has become a manufacturer and distributor of candles and a growing selection of other products.

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Tel: (626) 279-9036
(Call us now to place your order)

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